Sit in veerasana with the right leg folded over the left leg. Make sure that the right knee is located directly above the left knee.


Hold the back straight.

Raise the right arm and place the hand over the shoulder.

Place the left arm and hand behind the back. Try to grasp the left hand with the right hand behind the back; at first you may find this difficult, but with practise it becomes very easy. The back of the left hand should lie in contact with the spine, while the palm of the right hand should point towards the spine. Join the fingers of the two hands. Hold the spine erect. Raise the head so that it faces forwards. Close the eyes.

This is the final pose and is shown in the above figure. Stay in the final pose for a minute or so. Then release the hands and straighten the legs.

Now the asana must be repeated in the opposite direction.

Fold the left leg on top of the right leg in veerasana.

Raise the left arm and place the hand over the left shoulder.

Place the right arm behind the back.

Try to join the two hands.

Straighten the back and hold the head upright.

Close the eyes and remain in the final pose for the same length of time as the other side.

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