Place a blanket on the floor. Lie flat on your stomach (prone position).

Fold your arms behind your back clasping the wrist of one hand with the fingers of the other hand.

Rest the forehead on the ground. The legs should be straight and together with the soles facing upwards. Relax the whole body.

Breathe normally for a short time.

Then inhale deeply and slowly, expanding the chest and abdomen as much as possible.

At the end of inhalation slowly bend the head backwards.

When you have bent the head backwards as far as possible slowly start to raise the shoulders and upper back. The movement is executed by contracting the back muscles and tensing the arms.

Raise the body as high as you can without causing any strain.

Hold the final pose while continuing to retain the breath inside.

Ensure that the weight of the body is supported on the soft part of the abdomen - the belly. The legs should be as relaxed as possible and should remain on the floor throughout. After a comfortable length of time slowly lower the body to the floor while exhaling. Completely relax the body in the starting position.

Allow respiration to return to normal. Then repeat this asana up to 5 times.

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