Kneel on the left knee.

Place the right foot beside the left knee.

Put the palms of both hands on the floor on each side of the body.

Gently and gradually slide the left foot backwards and the right foot forwards; there should be no undue strain. Simultaneously support the weight of the body with the two hands.

Move the feet as far backwards and forwards as they will go without strain.

For some people, and with plenty of practice, it may be possible to lower the buttocks to the floor to attain the final pose.

Relax the whole body.

Place the two hands together in front of the chest.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

After a comfortable length of time return to the starting position.

Repeat the same procedure with the right leg pointing backwards.

Lessons In Gnani Yoga The Yoga Of Wisdom

Lessons In Gnani Yoga The Yoga Of Wisdom

Students of Yoga are not only looking to reach peace within their bodies, but also their minds. The Yogi Philosophy may be divided into several great branches, or fields.

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