The position of the fingers and hand is as follows:

Hold the right hand in front of the face (the left hand can also be used in which case the following instructions are reversed). Place the tips of the second (index) and third fingers so that they rest on the forehead at the eyebrow centre.

These fingers should be straight. In this position the thumb should be beside the right nostril and the fourth (ring) finger beside the left nostril. The little finger is not utilized. The right nostril can now be left open or closed by pressing the side of the nose with the thumb as required. This allows air to flow, or prevents the flow.

The air flow through the left nostril can be similarly controlled with the ring finger. The elbow of the right arm should preferably be in front of and as near the chest as possible. The forearm should be as vertical as possible. This will reduce the tendency of the raised arm to become tired after some time. The head and back should be held upright but without strain.


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