Stand erect with the feet about half a metre apart.

Let your arms hang limply beside your body. Then twist your body to the right, keeping the position of your feet and legs fixed.

Technique For Boxer Torso Twist

As you twist, allow your arms to rotate and to entwine your body (like a creeper around a tree); that is, allow your right arm to swing behind your back and your left arm to swing over your right shoulder.

Your arms and back should be relaxed as much as possible throughout the practice. At the end of the twisting motion, also rotate your head as far as possible in the same direction as the twist of the back. In the final position, your left hand should rest on your right shoulder; your right hand should be in contact with the left side of your waist; and your eyes should gaze backwards over your right shoulder. Stay in this position for half a second or so. Then twist your body in the opposite direction so that eventually you are gazing over your left shoulder, and your arms are wrapped around the body in the opposite sense to that already described.

Again, stay in the final position for half a second. This is 1 round.

In the same way practise a number of rounds. Remember your arms should not be stiffwhile doing the asana - think of them as two lengths of rubber hanging from your shoulders; in this way, they will passively encircle your body as you rotate your shoulders from the waist. Perform the whole movement smoothly, without jerking or stiffness.

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