Take a comfortable sitting pose. Straighten the back and head, place the hands on the knees and practise jnana, chin or chinmaya mudra2.

First of all close your eyes for a short time and relax the whole body. Then open your eyes and try to focus both eyes at the eyebrow centre.

Of course it is difficult to actually fix the eyes on the eyebrow centre for it is out of the normal field of vision.

However, you must direct your eyes inwards and upwards so that they point as much as possible in the direction of the eyebrow centre.

It is important that both eyes converge towards this centre.

If this is done correctly you will see two curved images of the eyebrows, which merge with each other. They will meet at a point at the top of the nose and form a solid V-shaped point. You have to be aware of the V point, for this is the approximate location of the eyebrow centre.

Ifyou don't see this V formation, then this is a sure indication that your eyes are not converging as they should.

Be sure not to strain the eyes, but only practise for as long as you feel no discomfort. If you experience discomfort, relax the eyes for a few seconds and then continue the practice.

In this manner you will slowly increase the duration of eyebrow centre gazing. When you hold the final position of the eyes for a minute or so without the slightest effort, you can enquire about your real nature. Carry on in this manner for as long as you have time.

noting the V formation at the eyebrow centre. In the inner form one must always be aware of the practice to ensure that the eyes are still facing upwards.

Method of converging the eyes Shambhavi mudra should be practised after mastering agochari mudra for it is a little more difficult. The ability to perform nose tip gazing is a great help in gaining proficiency in gazing at the eyebrow centre.

Place one finger at the tip of the nose (if necessary repeat the method that we described for nose tip gazing.)1

Focus both eyes on the fingertip.

Then slowly move the finger upwards keeping the eyes 'glued' to the fingertip.

If you do this properly you will find that you can quite easily practise shambhavi mudra.

Your eyes will automatically be drawn upwards to focus on the eyebrow centre.

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