Place a folded blanket on the floor. Kneel on the ground.

Place the head on the top of the blanket, adjusting it so that the contact point is the mid-point between the forehead and crown of the head.

Stretch the arms backwards so that they are straight and in line with each side of the body. The palms should face upwards with the back of the hands resting on the ground. The distance between the two hands should be about the same as between the two shoulders.

Straighten the legs, allowing the weight of the body to be supported by the hands, feet and head.

Progressively move the two feet towards the face, keeping the legs straight, until the trunk is vertical.

Steady the body and prepare to raise the legs. Apply pressure between the back of the hands and the floor and slowly raise the legs, keeping them straight.

Ensure that you maintain balance.

Slowly and without jerking, raise the legs to the vertical position.

In the final pose the whole body should be in one straight vertical line.

Be careful not to overbalance.

Maintain equilibrium by pressing the hands against the floor as required.

Let all the weight of the body be sustained by the top of the head.

Breathe normally.

Stay in the final pose for a comfortable period of time.

Then slowly and carefully lower the legs to the ground.

Remain with the head down in the kneeling pose for about 30 seconds. Then do tadasana, the counterpose2. This is the end of the practice.

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