Stand erect with the feet about 15 cms apart. Stretch your arms above your head, fingers interlocked, in the same way as described for tadasana.

Throughout the practice keep your gaze fixed on a point in front of your body. Stretch your whole body and raise yourself on tiptoes.

Maintain this stretched position, and bend your body to the right.

Then bend your body to the left, keeping your arms in line with the trunk. This is 1 round.


Try to bend your body from the waist. Do a number of rounds, all the time keeping the body stretched and balanced on the balls of your feet.

Then relax your body and stand with your feet flat on tbe ground.

Some people may find it difficult to balance on tiptoes for the entire practice. These people can do the asana while standing firmly with their feet flat on the floor. When they develop a better sense of balance, they can start to do the practice on tiptoes. These people however, should try to balance on their tiptoes for at least a few seconds each time they do the asana, as this will help them to develop the sense of balance.

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

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