Uddiyana Bandha

Sit with the back held upright. Ensure that one heel firmly presses against the mooladhara chakra trigger point. Open the eyes.

Do khechari mudra; maintain it for the entire practice.

Exhale deeply. Hold the breath.

Gently rest the chin against the chest.

The first round begins here.

Be aware of the mooladhara chakra and mentally repeat: 'mooladhara - mooladhara -


Inhale with ujjayi pranayama while moving awareness upwards through the kshetram in the frontal (arohan) passage (see figure 1): swadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi, bindu.

There should be no mental repetition; only awareness.

Your head should be slowly raised as awareness moves from vishuddhi to bindu. At bindu there should be breath retention and the head should lean slightly backwards. While fixing awareness at bindu mentally repeat: 'bindu - bindu - bindu'. Then with ujjayi exhalation let your awareness slowly descend through the spinal (awarohan) passage (see figure 2). 7. Uddiyana

Be aware of the chakras in turn: ajna, vishud-dhi, anahata, manipura, swadhisthana and mooladhara.

Do unmani mudra with descent of awareness. Hold your breath when your awareness reaches mooladhara.

Fix your awareness on mooladhara and mentally repeat 3 times 'mooladhara', i.e.: 'mooladhara - mooladhara -mooladhara'. Do jalandhara bandha while continuing to retain the breath. Do moola bandha. Do uddiyana bandha. Do nasikagra drishti.

Say mentally: 'nasikagra, uddiyana, mool'. Simultaneously your awareness should move to the centres of these practices (see figure 3). When you say 'nasikagra', awareness should be fixed at the nose tip.

When you say 'uddiyana', your awareness should be fixed at the navel.


Bandhas Both Mula And UddiyanaBandhayoga ImagesNasikagra Drishti

When you say 'mool', your awareness should be fixed at the mooladhara chakra.

This rotation 'nasikagra - uddiyana - mool'

should be done 3 times by beginners and slowly increased to 12 times over a period of weeks or months.

Release nasikagra drishti.

Release moola bandha.

Release uddiyana bandha.

Release jalandhara bandha, but do not raise your head.

Become aware ofthe mooladhara chakra again.

This is the end of the first round.

The whole process is summarized in the accompanying pictures.

Now start the second round.

Hold the breath with awareness at mooladhara.

Mentally repeat: 'mooladhara - mooladhara -


Then let your awareness ascend the frontal passage with ujjayi pranayama. Repeat 12 rounds. Do not strain.

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