Remain in the same sitting position as the previous exercise.

Separate your legs as far apart as is comfortable.

Raise the arms on each side of the body to shoulder height, keeping them straight. The arms should stay in a straight line throughout the exercise.

Lean forward and touch your left foot with your right hand.

In this position the left arm should point backwards, in exactly the opposite direction to the right arm. Both arms should form one straight line.

The head should be turned to gaze at the arm extended behind you.

Now twist your trunk in the opposite direction, touching the right foot with the left hand, the head turned in the opposite direction towards the right hand behind the back. This is 1 round. Do 10 to 20 rounds. As the body becomes more flexible the legs should be spread further apart. Keep the legs straight throughout the exercise.

A Guide To Practice Yoga

A Guide To Practice Yoga

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