The Atomic Mind

The mind has also been conceived as being atomic. This seems an obvious contradiction to the infinite mind speculation but, as we will see, this is not so. It is only recently that scientists have begun to appreciate the wonder and complexity of each cell in our body. They have built a complicated model representing the structure of the so-called DNA molecule, known as the molecule of life. They believe this molecule to be the storehouse and transmitter of characteristics of a mother and father to their child. It is contained within the sperm and ova, and indeed in every cell in the body.

It is the DNA molecule that determines the characteristics of each person. It fixes or decides the colour of our eyes, hair, height and so many other features and traits which determine our life. It fixes our sex and growth pattern. That is, it decides the way in which we live in everyday life; it is the blueprint that fixes our mode of living. Of course other factors such as the environment and interaction with other people will simultaneously influence our lives. Nevertheless the DNA molecule is a primary influence.

Scientific thinkers are exclaiming in awe that there is far more retained within the DNA molecule than we can imagine. They declare that within each DNA molecule there is the total information, experience and knowledge of our evolutionary past, They say that every cell contains a memory of everything that has happened in each individual's past. This includes when life existed only in the primordial mud in the form of germs and basic amoeba. It includes the story of how life developed in the sea and finally emerged on to the land. It contains the most incredible data which few of us have ever experienced during our lives. It also includes a memory of the experience when the individual was in his mother's womb, when he was born, and he grew up. All this informa tion - the collective unconsciousness in fact -is contained in each and every cell. It sounds as though it is fiction, but it is precisely what the most prominent scientists of today are suggesting.

Are we to conclude that each cell is the centre of the mind, that it is atomic in nature? This incredible potential of each cell relates very closely to the idea of the infinite mind. As we pointed out, many scientists conceive of infinite vibrations or waves permeating the substratum of the whole universe. We suggested that this substratum is no more than the cosmic mind. Certain scientists have suggested that an atomic particle is no more than a particular accumulation of these vibrations in one place. In the same way, each atomic particle has access to the whole knowledge and potential of the cosmic mind. Ifwe accept this, then we can say that each cell is no more than the points where these wave amplitudes reinforce each other. That is, each cell is intimately and directly connected with the underlying cosmic mind. In this sense, the atomic mind and the cosmic mind are really one and the same thing. There is no contradiction.

Actually mystics throughout the ages have always declared that infinite knowledge exists within each of us They have said: "As above, so below." (Hermetic saying)

"What is here is there; what is not here is nowhere." (Visvasara Tantra)

"... that which appears without only appears so because it exists within." (Shaivite maxim)

The mystics have affirmed that each of us is a miniaturized version of everything, of the whole universe. To know this, however, one must dive into the depths of the mind; the method of exploration is meditation.

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