The brainenclosed mind

Most people tend to take it for granted that the mind is identical with and imprisoned in the brain. When we think, we assume that the process occurs within our head. If we indicate to someone that we are thinking, we point towards the head. Strangely enough, the feeling or emotional aspect of our personality is often regarded as being elsewhere. In other words, our emotional nature, which is intimately linked with our mental nature, is often said to be in the region of the heart. There are even some particular primitive tribes that assign no specific place in the body for the thinking process. We are not trying to imply that nothing happens in the brain. Far from it. The brain is a multi-dimensional biocomputer but at the same time we must be open to new and more plausible possibilities. For example, recent scientific experiments in various countries have indicated that thoughts can go beyond the confinement of the brain. Scientists have found that if a man has strong negative emotional thoughts, he can quickly influence people in his surroundings. Tests have been conducted in a room full of people who were relaxed both emotionally and mentally, where there was a noticeable atmosphere of friendship present. Then another man entered the room, who was disturbed mentally and emotionally. The atmosphere quickly changed. Many of the people in the room bad to leave after a few minutes; they could not stand the new negatively charged vibrations. This outcome indicates that the scope of the mind is beyond the confinements and restrictions of the brain. In other words, our mental faculties seem to extend beyond the walls of the brain and the body.

Even if we accept that our mind can extend outside the brain, we all still retain the belief that people have a separate mind. This is a logical conclusion if we assume that the mind is encased within the brain. Yet some people have conceived of the individual brain as being more of a receiver than a source. That is, the brain is a focal point for occurrences beyond the brain. The brain still sorts out mental data in relation to the needs of the body, yet at the same time it is an instrument for something infinitely greater.

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