The importance of stage

In stage 3 the sutra was arranged so that it emerged from both nostrils, crossing from one nostril to the next at the back of the nose. The flow of air through each nostril varies; sometimes the flow is greater through the left nostril and sometimes the flow is greater through the right nostril. Sometimes the flow through each nostril is equal and this is very important in yoga. Predominant air flow through the right nostril corresponds to extroversion and physical activity and flow of air predominantly through the left nostril represents introversion. When the flows are balanced, then this is conducive to higher awareness; one is neither lost in outside activities nor mentally brooding over problems or whatever. There is a balance and this balance is conducive to relaxation and receptivity in your whole being.

This balance in flows can only occur if both nostrils are unblocked and if the passage that links the two nostrils in the back of the nose


1 Book I, Lesson 1, Topic 2

2 Book I, Lesson 1, Topic 3

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