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Many ancient and tested traditional systems have praised the benefits of amaroli. In tantra there is one whole text devoted to it. The text is called the Damara Tantra and the process is called shivambu kalpa vidhi. The word shivambu has various meanings; in this context, it means 'urine'; the word kalpa here means 'to change', or 'to revitalize' and vidhi means 'process' or 'technique'. Therefore, shivambu kalpa vidhi can be translated as 'the practice of using urine to regenerate the body'.

There are 108 verses devoted entirely to amaroli. It is suggested that the urine be either taken alone or with various types of herbs. If you wish to find out more you should read the text yourself. We will quote three verses that summarize the whole process:

"A sensible man gets up early in the morning when three quarters of the night has passed (about 3 or 4 o'clock) faces the east and passes urine." (verse 6)

"The initial and concluding flow of urine is to be discarded. The intermediate flow is to be consumed. This is the most suitable method." (verse 7)

"One should take one's own urine. The mouth and tail of a snake contain poison. In the same way, the first and last portion of flow tend to be unwholesome. This is widely accepted." (verse 8)

The whole process is solemnly explaine d to Parvati by her husband Lord Shiva.

In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a traditional tantric yogic text, it says: "The first and last portion of shivambu (urine), which is pungent, should not be taken. The intermediate flow should be consumed daily. This is called amaroli according to the Khandakapalika."

There are many more ancient references. Amaroli is widely mentioned in ayurvedic texts such as the Susruta. So there is nothing new about drinking urine.

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