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The time of practice depends on the prevailing climate. It should not be done outside if the weather is cold. This is important, for kunjal removes much of the mucus lining of the stomach and thereby temporarily renders the stomach more vulnerable to chilling. After a short time, however, the mucus film regenerates itself and thereby gives the stomach the necessary protection. If you practise indoors and your home is reasonably warm then the outside weather has little influence and you can practice kunjal regardless of the climate.

The best time to do the practice is early in the morning, before breakfast. However, if the atmosphere is cold inside and outside your house, you should practise later in the day when it becomes warmer. One should wait at least half an hour after completing the practice before taking food. This allows sufficient time for the stomach to re-line itself.

Normally this kriya should not be done after meals. Wait for at least four hours. This allows the stomach to perform its duties and empty itself of its contents. This process takes at least four hours (depending of course on how much food you eat) and if you do the practice prematurely you will vomit the food you have eaten. There is a similar technique which does this purposely (vyaghra kriya) but this is under specific circumstances. We will discuss this practice at the end of this topic.

Many people do this practice every morning without fail followed by jala neti. They consider this routine essential for maintaining their best possible health. If you have the time we also recommend daily practice as it can certainly do no harm and gives many wonderful benefits. If you have limited time try to do it as often as possible, at least once a week.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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