Time and sequence

You should practise when your stomach is empty. As such, the best time is early in the morning.


Prepare the warm salt water.

Quickly drink 2 glasses of water.

Then practise the following asanas3:

tadasana - 8 times tiryaka tadasana - 8 times kati chakrasana - 8 times tiryaka bhujangasana - 8 times udarakarshanasana - 8 times.

The sequence should be as we have given.

Then drink 2 more glasses of the warm salty water.

Repeat the 5 asanas, 8 times each.

Finally drink 2 more glasses and again repeat the asanas.

Having drunk 6 glasses, now go to the toilet. Don't strain whether you have a bowel movement or not. If you don't have a movement, it will come later.

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