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Pranic healing is a power that one can develop through higher yoga practices and it has been used by many great saints and mediums throughout the ages. Most people tend to regard the phenomenon with a hint of scepticism, but scientists doing research on the bioplasmic body are starting to give scientific validity to the system of healing. They have photographed the hands of a psychic or pranic healer while actually 'laying on hands'. It was clearly seen that an intense beam of bioluminescence poured from the hands of the healer to the patient. It seems that the healer recharges the bioplasmic body of a sick person and in this way brings about a cure. This is a further verification of something that has been surrounded by an aura of superstition.

Acupuncture has also been scientifically investigated with very conclusive results. Medical scientists were always completely mystified when they saw the wonderful results that the ancient system of acupuncture could give. It did not fit the patterns of thought associated with physiology and the highly developed scientific theories of the modern world. Yet the results were there to be seen.

The ancient Chinese, unlike modern medical practitioners, did not treat the human body as a collection of separate physical organs. They saw the whole body as a unit and that each part of the body was intimately related to the whole. We have already mentioned that the Chinese of antiquity knew of the pranic body. Not only this, they actually mapped out specific pathways of pranic flow within the physical body. Further, they were aware of seven hundred or so particular points on the skin which corresponded to the position of this flow which cannot normally be detected. It is within but not of the physical body. Needles could be inserted at these specific acupuncture points to somehow manipulate the pranic flow. If there is imbalance in the flow of prana then disease will result. These needles were able to correct the balance of prana in the pranic body and thereby cure or prevent the occurrence of illnesses.

Modern researchers have started to solve this enigma. Using Kirlian photography they have clearly seen that the flow of bioluminescence corresponds exactly to the flow patterns mapped out by the Chinese thousands of years ago. Though modern scientists use complex instruments and the Chinese used intuition, the findings are the same. The points on the skin that are utilized by acupuncturists to insert their needles were found to correspond precisely with notably brilliant and localized flashes of bioluminescence. In the future, collaboration between science and acupun cture should be able to elevate the diagnosis and removal of illness to a high level of perfection.

Swara yoga is an ancient and little known science. It relates the phases of the moon, the sun, the prevailing conditions of nature, one's breathing pattern, etc. with events that are likely to occur to an individual. For instance, it can foretell if a person will meet success in any future undertaking. The modern discoveries of science have given some indication of how this system of swara yoga works. Man is not isolated from the universe as is commonly felt. Man is linked to the whole universe via the pranic body. As such, external events such as the movement of the stars, weather, interaction with other people, vibrations from other persons as well as one's own internal makeup, mood and health intimately relate to each other. Man is an integral part of the cosmos. Yoga has always said this and now modern science is slowly but surely confirming this fact. Swara yoga, though a complex subject, has much to offer to modern man.

Telepathy and other psychic phenomena are now being investigated scientifically. It has been found that the receiving medium of telepathic messages is the bioplasmic or pranic body. This acts as a relay station which transmits the message to conscious perception. Scientists have actually detected changes in the pranic body as it receives telepathic messages. It is something that we all have the potential to do, but are not able to because of insensitivity in our mind and body. As one becomes more aware so the ability to consciously perceive telepathic messages and to utilize other psychic powers is increased.

Another interesting discovery made in Russia is that artificial stimulation of specific points that influence the pranic body can induce greater sensitivity to telepathic and other psychic phenomena. These points or specific areas of the body which can artificially stimulate the pranic body are known as chakras in yoga. In yoga we normally consider half a dozen or so important chakras, but there are others throughout the body. In various practices such as kundalini yoga and kriya yoga these chakras are physically and mentally stimulated. This brings about higher awareness as does artificial stimulation of the chakras with electricity and massage as practised by the scientists.

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