Variation for beginners

The following is a simplified version of dhanur-asana. It is called saral dhanurasana (easy bow pose). It gives basically the same benefits as other forms but at a slightly reduced level. It is a good asana and is ideally suitable for beginners and for people who cannot do the other forms of dhanurasana.


The technique is as follows:

Take the starting position described for the basic technique.

Place both the knees and feet together. Relax the whole body. Breathe out deeply. Breathe in deeply.

Tense the leg muscles and bend the feet backwards towards the head as far as possible. Keep the knees and the thighs on the ground throughout the entire practice; don't raise them.

Try to raise the head and chest as high as possible off the ground, using only the leverage of the legs.

Let the back muscles remain passive. This is the final position.

In the final pose, the breath can either be held or can be deep and slow.

That is, the breathing can be as given for the basic technique or for variation 1. Choose that which you like best.

Stay in the final pose for a comfortable length of time.

Then slowly lower the head and the chest to the ground by relaxing the leg muscles. Repeat the practice when the breathing has returned to normal.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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