Variation Pranam asana bowing pose

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Sit in vajrasana. Grasp the lower part of the calves just above the ankles with your hands. Bend forwards and place the crown of your head on the floor in front of your knees. Your head should rest on a folded blanket. Raise your buttocks until the thighs are as vertical as is comfortable.


Breathe normally with awareness. This is the final pose.

Remain in this position for a comfortable length of time.

Note: This variation particularly directs an extra supply of blood to the brain. As such it is helpful in removing tiredness and mental fatigue and certain types of headache. People who suffer from high blood pressure or vertigo should practise with caution.


The Sanskrit word pawan means 'wind' and the word mukta means 'release' or 'free'. Hence this is a wind releasing pose because it is very useful in removing wind or flatulence from the intestines and stomach. It is especially useful for beginners for though simple, it gives many benefits. Even the most unhealthy person can do this asana.

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