Variation rocking

While in the final pose one can rock to and fro on the abdomen. This increases the massage of the inner organs. To initiate this rocking movement it will be necessary to both:

1. .Alternately tense and relax the leg muscles slightly,

2. Breathe in and out.

Both of these actions change the position of the centre of gravity and induce a forward and backward movement. At first the movement will be slight, but it will increase as the body gains momentum. When in full motion, the chin will nearly touch the floor at one extreme and the thighs will touch the floor at the other extreme. Needless to say, the back must be tensed during this variation.

Do as many rocking movements as you can without excessive strain. Men should be careful not to injure themselves by compressing or squashing their testicles. Beginners will probably find it easier to separate the knees while rocking to and fro. This rocking motion cannot be done in variation 2 - saral dhanurasana.

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