Wakefulness and sleepiness

One of the biggest problems in kriya yoga practice is sleepiness. There is a tendency in human nature to easily sink into the state of slumber, especially if there is some mental relaxation, such as will arise during kriya yoga practice. Many people want this drowsiness, for it is pleasant and allows one to forget the problems of daily life. But you should try to understand that the state of meditation, attained through relaxed wakefulness, is far more pleasant. Furthermore, relaxed wake-fulness leads to self-knowledge and bliss, whereas sleep, even ten years of continuous sleep, will never result in self-knowledge. Therefore, the serious practitioner should make all efforts to remain wide awake throughout the practice, no matter how tempted he is to gently slip into a state of sleep and pleasant dreams. It is far better to do kriya yoga with a wandering mind than a sleeping mind, for at least the problems of the mind can be removed if there is wakefulness.

In kriya yoga, you should try to remove the tamasic state by taking a cold bath, doing some asanas and surya namaskara beforehand, and making a resolve that you will not sleep. The rajasic state is absolutely necessary; it is the state where the mind is emptied of thoughts and progressively harmonized; you must tiy to be aware of the process. This awareness will eventually lead to the sattwic state and meditation.

Empty Mind Meditation

Empty Mind Meditation

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