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Chris Willitts, creator of V3 has been in the bodybuilding and vegetarian for over 20 years and 10 years respectively. He was inspired to launch his vegetarian bodybuilding platform having seeing the need the vegetarianism is an effective tool to be applied in the bodybuilding industry. He majored in flexibility, strength, and mind-body interrelation. Having switched to the plant-based diet he included meditation. V3 Vegetarian Bodybuilding System is a combination of Chris advice and science on how to eat in line with one's fitness goals, infusing the whole program with mind-body awareness. The system is designed not only for vegetarians, but semi-vegetarians, part-time vegetarians, vegans, or undecided. The V3 Bodybuilding system is a self-guided system the does not include one-on-one coaching. The V3 has been deliberated upon by top plant-based fitness experts in the industry before coming up with something that has an assurance of getting positive results to the general populace. The V3 Bodybuilding System is not an eBook. It is actually a membership-based online resource (which some parts of the worksheet are available for download as PDFs). This product is easy to understand and it is newbie friendly that do not require any level of technical skills. More here...

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The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

Purchasing this e-book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

What is vegetarianism and nonvegetarianism

The term vegetarianism is applied to a number of different dietary habits. The generally accepted definition and understanding of vegetarianism is that it involves abstention from eating animal flesh and related products. However, various forms of vegetarianism have arisen because of conflicting opinions regarding the suitability of eating eggs, dairy products and fish. Strict vegetarians do not eat eggs, while many other people who also consider themselves vegetarians do. Eggs are often objected to on the grounds that they are carriers of life. However, it is worthwhile pointing out that in fact most eggs are unfertilized and so incapable of producing life. Other people eat fish and also claim to be vegetarians. to eat any type of dairy product, including milk. In India, where a large proportion of the population is vegetarian, milk is widely consumed, together with its derivatives, such as clarified butter (ghee). The definition of vegetarianism depends on individual interpretation....

Yoga and vegetarianism

It is assumed by many that vegetarianism is an integral part of yoga practice. This belief is only partially true, for while yoga views vegetarianism as the most beneficial system of nutrition, it does not for an instant insist that all practitioners of yoga become vegetarians. Vegetarianism does find a place in yoga only insofar as it is the preferred nutritional system whereby total body health can be obtained in preparation for the higher forms of yoga. Non-vegetarians are, however, heartily accepted as practitioners of yoga. Yoga advises but does not preach vegetarianism. One of the basic aims of yoga is to tune the body to a high degree of sensitivity and this is more easily achieved by abstaining from meat. Remember, yoga aims to bring about mental peace and tranquillity as well as physical relaxation. This is also more easily obtained if one does not eat meat. Further, meat has a tendency to be a greater repository of toxins and waste products than vegetarian food.

You Must Be a Vegetarian

Yoga originated in India, and for that reason it carries with it many associations with that nation, one being vegetarianism and the principal of not harming any living being. Still, you can practice yoga with weights without being a vegetarian. Vegetarianism and the choice of foods you eat are personal choices. Some of the greatest yoga teachers are vegetarians other great teachers eat meat. You can practice the yoga-with-weights system without adopting any of the customs or beliefs that are associated with yoga. Traditional yoga emphasizes that your body is wise and that you should listen to your body. Yoga is a system of self-knowledge, so it's up to you to explore and balance your body's health with the right foods that work for you. Use the tips and suggestions we provide in Chapter 13 to improve your diet. If you feel that you need the protein from meat for energy, feel free to eat meat. And if you decide that the cleansing benefits you get from eliminating meat from your diet...

To be or not to be a vegetarian

Apart from all these artificially introduced substances, the flesh of dead animals is a wonderful breeding ground for germs. This can be dangerous if the meat is not cooked properly. Furthermore, meat contains natural waste materials and toxins, a by-product of every animal's normal living. When the meat is eaten, these waste products are taken into the human body and in turn must be expelled. Of course, the body is usually quite capable of doing this, yet at the same time this imposes an extra burden on the kidneys and the other organs of Utffi-stilbt vegetarians go as far as to refuse The putrefaction of meat is another important consideration, especially in hotter climates. Meat, particularly liver, putrefies very rapidly, far more rapidly than non-flesh foods. This process produces highly noxious poisons formed by the bacteria present. These bacteria invade the large intestine by the billions after consuming meat, which in turn produces more and more toxic substances. This leads...

The how of vegetarianism

One thing is certain, you will always obtain your protein supply if you eat a reasonably varied vegetarian diet. People often say that vegetarian food is tasteless and monotonous compared to non-vegetarian food. This is often true, but only because ofthe unskilful preparation of the dishes and the lack of imagination on the part of the cook. There are various vegetarian cookery books available, giving a wide variety of dishes that are every bit as tasty as non-vegetarian cooking.


Vegetarianism is a controversial subject. Many people consider the possibility of becoming vegetarians, yet they are usually bombarded with conflicting viewpoints tbat take one extreme or another. It is generally discussed dogmatically, emotionally and with too much emphasis on moral aspects. This is a great pity, for many people, who would willingly become vegetarians if presented with a few reasonable and convincing advantages of vegetarianism over non-vegetarianism, are instead frightened away, often with a strong impression that vegetarians are fanatics. The extreme advocates of vegetarianism urge everyone to immediately abstain from eating meat, in terms that suggest that if we don't we will 'drop into the fire of Hades'. They believe meat is an unnatural food. This, of course, is a matter of opinion, for meat has been eaten by man for countless generations throughout known history and long before. It therefore seems a little presumptuous to consider that meat is an unnatural...

Suggested Further Reading

If you would like to experiment with a vegetarian diet, there are literally hundreds of vegetarian cookbooks available. You can visit your library or favorite bookstore and peruse the offerings to see what appeals to your sense of taste. The following are among the most popular offerings Deborah Madison, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (Broadway Books, 1997). The Greens restaurant in San Francisco is known for its vegetarian and vegan cuisine. In this book, the founding chef presents 1,400 recipes to appeal to both vegetarians and vegans. The Moosewood Restaurant Cookbooks A collective of people who rotate jobs runs The Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York, renowned for its innovative vegetarian cuisine. The Moosewood Collective has published an extensive series of cookbooks, some of them winners of the James Beard Award. The series is published by Clarkson Potter.

Incorporating Yoga into nighttime routines

In turn, the condition of your body and especially the nervous system affects your mind, which affects your entire life. Thus the traditional maxim You are what you eat holds true to a certain degree. Yoga masters have typically been vegetarians, favoring grains, legumes, and fruit. In your diet, stick as close to Mother Nature as possible.

For Further Information

If you would like to explore further how you can incorporate the yogic principle of ahimsa into your life, you may be interested in exploring vegan practices. The meanings of vegetarian and vegan (pronounced veg-un with a hard g ) are not the same. Vegan is a strict practice and requires the use of no animal products whatsoever in all areas of one's life hence no products such as milk, eggs, leather, or wool. Vegetarian may include use of eggs and milk and refers only to diet. Thus a vegan is always vegetarian, but a vegetarian is not necessarily a vegan. If you are interested in learning more about vegan practices, the American Vegan Society, a nonprofit educational organization, can provide you with further information. It publishes a magazine called American Vegan (recently renamed from the previous title of Ahimsa). For further information, contact The American Vegan Society 56 Dinshah Lane P.O. Box 369 Malaga, NJ Tel (856) 694-2887

Complete Line Only For Women

Be-FLEXIBLE is a unique mobility and stretch support formula to help you increase your range of motion and give you a whoie new ability to reach your goals. It contains fast-acting, ciinicaily studied ingredients in vegetarian nutritional supplements that are smaller, easier to swallow and pleasant tasting. You'll even love the way they Sook.

Yoga Rocks Mountain Fest

Rhinebeck, New York DETAILS A late-summer weekend at the serene grounds of the Omega Institute with teachers such as Beryl Bender Birch, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, and Vinnie Marino. Communal vegetarian meals, a marketplace, and bodywork. omega beingyoga

Integral Yoga The Style

In addition to classes in asana practice, Integral Yoga Institutes and Teaching Centers offer a wide range of informative programs that range from individual lectures to ongoing courses, intense workshops, and residential retreats. Some sample topics include HIV and Yoga, Yoga and Psychotherapy, and classes in vegetarian cooking.

Sivananda Yoga The Style

Can be especially helpful for seniors and the physically impaired. A Headstand Workshop can help you to develop stability in performing headstands while overcoming fear. Yoga for Kids presents yoga to children 7 to 13 years of age. In addition, a wide range of classes and workshops are offered in vegetarian cooking, yogic cleansing practices, yogic breathing, and other topics related to health and well-being.

Supplying your body with proteins

How much protein is enough How does a vegetarian combine foods to get enough protein How much is too much Take subjects of concern up with a physician or a qualified nutritionist. He or she can help you figure how much protein you need, given your body's needs and your lifestyle.

There seem to be paths both which lead to one path The Path of Yoga

Yogis approach this purification similarly, but adding various physical and mental forms of purification, such as cleaning out their intestines, stomach, and nasal passages with water and special exercises, fasting and strict vegetarian diet controls, certain postures - called asanas, postures with movement combined with breathing - called kryias, exercises in concentrating the mind - called meditation, and various types of breathing regulation - called Pranayama.

Stain Grabbing Applicator Works Gel Deep Into Fibers

Livestock and dairy farming produce more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation. Two engineering professors at Carnegie Mellon University calculated that a person choosing to eat a plant-based diet rather than meat just one day per week would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount as driving 1,000 fewer miles peryear. Goingentirely vegan would be equivalent to driving 8,000 fewer miles peryear.

My Experience with the Millet Diet

I adapted the diet for myself by starting the day with fruit or sometimes applesauce with a teaspoon of Spirulina mixed into it. Spirulina is nutrient rich green food harvested from the sea. Several commercial brands are available in most health food stores. I buy good tofu in packages that are about a pound and cook my daily meal with 1 cup of cooked millet, the daily pound of tofu and whatever veggies I have handy. I vary the seasoning using curries, garlic, and tomato sauce (check the label to find tomato sauces with no sugars or fats). I use a cast iron skillet and cook with olive oil Pam. I divide my tofu-millet veggie meal into two parts eating one part of it around noon and the other part around 4 PM. The diet calls for no caffeine. I cheat a little here and drink green tea and occasionally splurge with a diet coke. I use soymilk in my tea but limit the quantity to not more than one half cup per day. A few times I have felt extra hungry after 4 PM and have had some extra tofu...

More Terms Youll Want to Know

Fruitarian A person who practices a form of vegetarianism in which no animal products whatsoever are consumed, and all foods must be consumed raw. lacto-ovo-vegetarianism A form of vegetarianism in which no meat, poultry, or fish is consumed but eggs, milk, and milk products are consumed. lacto-vegetarianism A form of vegetarianism in which no meat, poultry, fish, or eggs are consumed but milk and milk products are consumed. veganism A form of vegetarianism in which no animal products of any kind are consumed. vegetarianism A diet in which no meat is consumed.

Pungent Spicy Westerners

If you aren't ready for all-out vegetarianism, try it for a day. Tell yourself you can have a cheeseburger tomorrow, but today you'll stick with hearty split-pea soup over rice or a steaming plate of pasta with sauteed mushrooms. Tomorrow, before your cheeseburger, notice how you feel. Lighter Hungrier No different Calmer Then try it again next week. If you aren't ready for all-out vegetarianism, try it for a day. Tell yourself you can have a cheeseburger tomorrow, but today you'll stick with hearty split-pea soup over rice or a steaming plate of pasta with sauteed mushrooms. Tomorrow, before your cheeseburger, notice how you feel. Lighter Hungrier No different Calmer Then try it again next week.

Jivamukti Yoga Eclectic Urban Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga is noted for the physically challenging rigor of its asana practice, as well as by its psychological and spiritual depth. Jivamukti's emphasis on ethical vegetarianism helps to awaken in the practitioner a need to protect the earth, the environment, and all the animals and plants that share the planet with us.

Satchidananda Ashramyogaville

Integral Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs. Residential courses provide total immersion in yogic lifestyle basic, intermediate, and advanced hatha yoga meditation cardiac, cancer, and gentle yoga stress management prenatal postnatal children's yoga therapeutic yoga more. Workshops. Retreats. Children's camp. Work study. Guest stays. Vegetarian meals. Celebrating 43 years of service, 1966-2010.

The Eight Angas Part The Practices

Outer well-being, the other side of this Niyama, is a concern with one's health. The posture (asana) and breathing (prana) exercises are a testimonial to this concern. This also includes a healthful diet and abstention from harmful products such as tobacco and alcohol. Except for a greater stress on vegetarianism and less on aerobics, the yogis advocate a diet and exercise regimen similar to what we in the west would consider healthy. It is from a Yoga teacher that I first heard the statement that the body is the temple of the spirit and must be respected.

Kriya Yoga Preparation and Rules

Try to eat vegetarian food that is fresh, clean and easily digestible, also tiy to eat in moderation. Kriya yoga is a system of purifying the whole mind-body. If there is excessive impurity in your body then there will be a drastic purging process. Too much food will make it difficult to do the practices properly, especially breathing practices, and kriyas which involve uddiyana bandha etc. You must use your own discrimination in choosing the food you eat. Remember all full-time kriya yoga courses in this ashram are accompanied by compulsory


Most vegetarians get a similar amount of calcium in their diet as meat eaters do, but vegans (who don't eat dairy products) tend to get less, so they might consider taking a supplement to make up the difference. The recommended daily intake of calcium for most men and women is 1,000 mg. A cup of plain low-fat yogurt has roughly 448 mg a cup of nonfat milk has 316 mg. One cup of steamed collard greens has 266 mg, and a cup of calcium-fortified orange juice has 300 mg. Look for calcium-fortified soymilk and tofu, too. As for supplements, be aware that, unless specified, many multivitamins provide only a small amount of calcium. The World Health Organization recommends 0.3 to 0.5 grams daily of both for men and women. Another important omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA, is abundant in plant sources such as flaxseed, walnuts, soy, and canola oil. Aim for 1 to 2 grams per day. (The body can manufacture EPA and DHA from vegetarian ALA sources, although you'll need a lot more.) Algae...

Human Nutrition

According to the American Dietetic Association, a well-planned vegetarian diet can meet all your basic nutritional needs without requiring vitamin supplementation. But your needs will vary depending on your eating habits and your body's specific requirements. For example, pregnant women require extra calcium, protein, folate, and iron, and children typically need proportionately more calcium than adults. Vegans, who don't get vitamin B-12 in their diets, should consider taking a supplement or eating fortified foods, including some soymilks and cereals. In general, a healthful vegetarian diet will include plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein such as beans and tofu as well as sources of heart-healthy fats, such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil, Gans says. Whatever you do, don't replace the meat in your diet with heaping bowls of mac and cheese or slices of pizza. Common pitfalls for new vegetarians include eating too much saturated fat in the form of full-fat...

Balanced Eating

Deciding to be a vegetarian doesn't mean that you're going to be healthy, says Keri Gans, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and a registered dietitian in Manhattan. i've had young women coming in with their hair falling out bccause they're not eating a well-balanced vegetarian diet. Laura Valle, 37, an American who lives in Selfkant-H ngen, Germany, and practices Ashtanga Yoga, dabbled with vegetarianism at different points in her life for both health and ethical reasons. But even after adopting the diet full-time in 2007, she found herself living on the vegetables and starches she prepared, but not adding anything extra to accommodate her new diet. Soon, she was constantly hungry and craving salt and junk food. i wasn't making balanced meals, she says. She studied up on nutrition for vegetarians through books, DVDs, and podcasts and began adding whole grains, beans, and things like tempeh, a soy protein, to her diet. i realized i had to have a better range of foods...


Join Francois Raoult & Nathalie Alvarez for a mystical quest. Enjoy yoga and Ayurvedic massages at Chamundi Hill Palace in Kerala. Then visit the sacred temples of Madurai, Thanjavur, and Mahabalipuram. Safe, organic vegetarian food. As students of yoga, going back to the Source and meeting Mother India will be a blessing for your practice. Call (585) 244-0782 or email yogawave

Via Yoga

WILLKA T'IKA GARDEN GUEST RETREAT CENTER Located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, between Cusco and Machu Pic-chu, Peru, the site is a dream destination for practicing yoga and meditation. Vegetarian meals, outdoor solar baths, massage, hiking, sightseeing, and more. (M) * *

Vitamin B

B-12 is vital for the maintenance of nerve and red blood cells, and it's used to make DNA. Both men and women should get 2.4 micrograms daily. While it's abundant in fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products, it's not present in plant-based foods. However, some breakfast cereals, like Kashi's Heart to Heart, are fortified with B-12. Silk and organic Wildwood soymilks both offer 50 percent of the recommended daily value per serving. Some rice drinks and veggie burgers are fortified with it as well. And Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula nutritional yeast supplies the recommended daily intake in about two teaspoonfuls. According to nutritionists, it's easy to get almost everything you need from a plant-based diet. Here's how some common nutrients measure up.

Be Pure Shauca

Fresh, natural, and healthy foods are best. Foods obtained through nonviolent means are ideal because they can be eaten with full, unadulterated joy this is why yogis traditionally practice a vegetarian diet. Of course, if you want to get yoga-technical, vegetables are alive, too (all life is to be respected, revered, and appreciated, and all life is interconnected), so respect each meal for the life given to sustain another.

Food restrictions

You should avoid the following foods chemically processed, synthetic, pungent, acidic and non-vegetarian foods. This includes alcohol, cigarettes, tea, coffee, soft drinks, milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, spices and any characteristically acidic fruits such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, etc.

Take It Slow

If you haven't yet made the switch to a plant-based diet but are curious, you might want to consider trying it for a month, like Chicago's Dr. Mason or even one day a week. Meatless Monday, for example, a popular initiative backed by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, works to inspire Americans to do just that for the sake of their health and that of the planet. The good news is that in recent years it's gotten a lot easier to make the change to a plant-based diet. Five years ago, if you wanted soymilk, you had to go to Whatever the motivation, new and aspiringvegetarians should be gentle with themselves as they strive to give up meat. Very few people become vegetarians overnight. It all depends on what they ate to begin with, says Berkoff. Usually, it's a gradual process. When Diana Rein, who is training to become a yoga teacher, first went vegetarian, she found she gained weight because she was eating a lot of stuff she hadn't previously indulged in including...

Is urine a poison

One of the prime functions of the kidneys is to maintain the fluid balance ofthe body. That is, the body must be kept at a reasonably fixed level of alkalinity (ph) to do this the kidneys remove acid from the body. This occurs especially after meals. Associated with this elimination are various other constituents, one of which is ammonia. It is this ammonia that some people would object to, as it is poisonous in certain quantities. However, in the amounts that the body produces, especially from a vegetarian low-protein diet, it is not a problem.

Prajna Yoga Retreats

Breathtaking Catskill Mountains treasure. First-class accomodations. Nutritious gourmet vegetarian meals. All yoga styles welcome. Ideal for retreats and teacher trainings of all sizes. See why some of the hottest names in yoga have chosen Menla for their trainings. Let us help you create the perfect retreat for your students. Year-round, daily asana classes, meditation and vegetarian meals. Classical hatha and raja yoga Vedanta philosophy. Teacher training courses. Work study. Yoga vacations. Ayurveda, sauna. Organic garden, permaculture.

Be The Change

From a health standpoint, there is good reason to consider plant-based eating. Vegetarian diets are associated with a number of health advantages, including lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, compared with meat-based diets. Vegetarians are less prone to cancer, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes, according to the American Dietetic Association. On average, they also have a lower body mass index. Many yoga practitioners are taking that to heart. I can't even imagine going back to eating meat, says Diana Rein, 32, who lives in Los Angeles and has been a vegetarian for more than two years. After a few months of practicing vinyasa yoga daily and listening to her teachers talk about ahimsa, meat became unappetizing. Somethingclicked, she says. It was strange, but I haven't wanted it since.


Each morsel one can gain strength to serve the Lord. Then food becomes pure. Whether or not to be a vegetarian is a purely personal matter as each person is influenced by the tradition and habits of the country in which he was born and bred. But, in course of time, the practitioner of yoga has to adopt a vegetarian diet, in order to attain one-pointed attention and spiritual evolution.


Yoga in mexico with Gabriel Halpern (Chicago) & William Prottengeier (Minneapolis) at Villas Shanti March 13-20,2010. Two great yoga classes dally, fabulous vegetarian meals, spacious accommodations, seclusion. For brochure a flight arrangements Ttie Yoga Circle, email themeiste ya, call (312) 915-0750 Minneapolis Yoga Workshop, email mplsyogaworkshop, call (612) 825-2554.

In conclusion

If you are not sure whether you can obtain all your nutritional needs of the body from a vegetarian diet, then you should not become one. But if you study any charts given on this subject you will clearly see that all the body's requirements - fats and carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals - are obtained in more than adequate quantities in vegetarian foods. If you are still not convinced, then consider the practical experience of vegetarians. The fact that innumerable people are vegetarians and have been for aeons in many parts of the world as a way of life, shows that vegetarianism does not lead to nutritional deficiency. On the contrary, it leads to wonderful health and a new lease on life.

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