Assembling Your Workout Ensemble

What you wear for a yoga-with-weights workout doesn't especially matter as long as your outer clothes are loose, comfortable, and easy to breathe in. Don't wear shirts and pants that restrict your movements in any way or drag on the floor, and never wear a belt; the waistband of your pants must be loose so your breathing isn't constricted or confined. For the sake of comfort, wear clothes with natural and breathable fibers. You can find these clothes in many sporting goods stores, outdoor outfitters, and yoga retail stores, as well as on the Internet (see the appendix).

For undergarments, women should wear an athletic or Spandex bra that lifts their breasts and presses them into their bodies. For top-heavy women, this is important for balancing as well as for comfort.

Men should wear (and how do we put this delicately?) tight-fitting — but not too tight-fitting — underwear from which no items may escape and see the light of day. We occasionally get horror-story complaints in our yoga classes from students who have witnessed other students violating this important underwear rule.

Spandex running shorts are excellent for yoga with weights. They support your muscles and keep them warm, and they permit you to move without restriction. Prana and other yoga-product manufacturers offer clothing lines designed especially for yoga practitioners. The appendix in this book shows you how to find yoga clothes on the Internet.

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