Because minimal space and equipment is required

One of the advantages yoga with weights has over other exercise programs is that you can do it anywhere — well, anywhere you can fit a yoga mat. Here are some tips for people who work in offices and for parents at home:

^ Close your office door at lunchtime, turn down the lights so it looks like nobody's home, and do the exercises right there.

Keep a set of hand and ankle weights in your office for occasions when you can exercise.

^ If you work in a cubicle and don't have the floor space to exercise, book a conference room for 20 minutes or find a spot outside.

If you notice your coworkers silently wishing they could exercise along with you, ask them to join in.

^ Moms and dads on the go should try to exercise when their children are taking naps or when they're at school. You can also try to find a babysitter for an hour or two.

Don't feel like you're being selfish by finding time to exercise. By taking good care of yourself, by building more lean muscle mass, and by building the strength and stamina to take care of you and your baby or you and your kids and family, you'll discover peace of mind and newfound energy resources.

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