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In This Chapter

^ Devising your own yoga-with-weights workout

^ Examining muscle groups and exercises that give them the best workout

7 his chapter explains how yoga with weights can help you strengthen and tone different parts of your body — your legs, arms, shoulders, torso, chest, belly, and buttocks. Sorry, yoga with weights can't exactly strengthen and tone your brain, although it does keep you guessing about what exercise you may come up with next. This chapter is strictly for the body. It's for people who want to target a particular part of their body to tone it, make it look better, or increase its range of motion.

We also give instructions here for creating your own workout. If you spend any time with yoga with weights, you soon discover which exercises work best for you, make you feel stronger, and make you feel better. Suppose you were to gather your favorite exercises into a single workout. To do that, what do you need to know? As we explain in this chapter, you can't do the exercises in just any order, because you have to start slow and finish slow. And you also have to be careful to include the right mix of exercises in the batch. Keep reading if you want to personalize your yoga-with-weights training and take it to another level.

Working out target areas every other day is best, because it gives your muscles enough time to recover. Resting your muscles is a bit like sleep. After they're rested, the muscles have more endurance and stamina. You can exercise them harder at the next workout.

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