Celebrate the Benefits to Your Sex Life

As advertisers know, sex is a powerful motivator. Why else do so many models appear in advertisements? You can use sex to motivate you to do your yoga-with-weights exercises, because yoga with weights can improve your sex life. The exercises in this book boost your metabolism and increase your ability to focus and concentrate. You'll feel healthier and better, and you'll notice improvements in your self-esteem and stamina. All these benefits have the effect of making you more confident and alive in the bedroom.

Another benefit to your sex life comes from the emphasis that yoga with weights places on breathing. Many sexual techniques call on you to focus on your breathing as a means of relaxing and enhancing the sensation so you enjoy sex more. Relaxation occurs naturally in the breathing practices as the body releases stress and the habitually thinking mind quiets down. You become more receptive, present, and relaxed when you can focus on and control your breathing. Relaxation is supportive to sexual arousal and enhanced duration. You feel increased energy and pleasure, and you can begin to experience the timeless quality of sexual fulfillment.

The exercises in this book show you how to control your breathing to relax and to focus your energy. We give breathing an entire chapter in this book — Chapter 4. We don't mind, and we won't tattletale, if you use the breathing techniques in this book in the bedroom as well as the gym.

Beginners Guide To Yoga

Beginners Guide To Yoga

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