Eating to Enhance Your Yogawith Weights Workout

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^ Tuning in to your body's dietary signals ^ Discovering how yoga with weights can improve your diet ^ Fueling your body with healthy and helpful foods ^ Pairing good eating habits with your exercise plan for many years, Sherri's family ran health centers in San Francisco. One very popular center had a health-food store on the bottom floor; the upper floors were reserved for a gym, a yoga room, and a dance studio. Over the years, Sherri noticed that many of the visitors to the center either went to the top floors for yoga, bodybuilding, dance, or other forms of exercise or to the bottom floor to purchase health foods or to eat in the health-food restaurant. Not everyone visited both places, but the people who did really looked great. They radiated good health. The observations reinforced for Sherri that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand.

Doing yoga-with-weights exercises inspires you to want to feel your best and to tune in to your body's needs. Before you put anything in your mouth, you pause to make sure that it's really worth eating. Your energy and increased mental clarity feel good as a result of yoga with weights, and you don't want to lose that. As with any dynamic form of exercising, yoga with weights places demands on your body. To meet those demands, you need to put the right fuel into your body. You need to eat foods that give you the energy for exercising and building strong muscle and bone. You don't attempt to power a car with water. Similarly, you can't power your body — you can't get the energy you need to exercise — without eating the right foods.

This chapter isn't a diet book in miniature. It doesn't tell you what to eat and what not to eat. It does, however, offer basic and simple suggestions to help you find good health and to help you get the energy you need to do yoga-with-weights workouts.

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