Exercises for Seniors

In This Chapter

^ Recognizing the benefit of yoga with weights for seniors ^ Improving blood circulation throughout your body ^ Strengthening your spine and improving your range of motion ^ Concentrating on your coordination and focus

o matter your age, yoga-with-weights exercises can help you stay # W strong and supple. Therefore, we've designed the exercises in this chapter specifically for seniors. Here, you find a workout that emphasizes the importance of stretching, relaxing, and strengthening for promoting the general health and well-being of seniors. Still not convinced? Okay, the exercises also slow down and prevent premature aging!

You need a sturdy chair for the exercises in this chapter. The chair gives you confidence and makes you feel stable as you exercise so you can dive in without worrying about whether you'll lose your balance or fall. The chair should be short enough so you can sit on it without leaving your feet dangling. If you're short, you may need to place a footstool under your feet. The chair should have a strong back, because you need to grasp the back of the chair in some exercises.

To get the most from these exercises, maintain a concentrated focus on the alignment of your spine. Imagine or visualize your spine lengthening and realigning as you gently breathe in each exercise. We also ask you to take gentle, empowering, Complete Breaths as you do this workout (Chapter 4 looks into all aspects of breathing). Take your time not only with each exercise, but also with each inhale and exhale. Breathing is a barometer of how you're doing. If you're breathing too rapidly or holding your breath, you're probably working too hard, but if your breathing is steady and calm, you're probably working just right.

Use light weights to start. As you get stronger, gradually increase the size of the weights. Always work at your own level of ability and take into account the energy you have that day.

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