Finding the Time to Exercise

And the number one reason most people give for not exercising is . . . "I can't find the time." Between work, family obligations, and necessary activities such as eating and sleeping, people don't get around to exercising. They just can't find the time, although the fact that they haven't exercised eats away at them all day long.

However, yoga with weights is easier on your schedule than you may think and well worth the sacrifice of your time. One workout will inspire you to do the next because the workouts feel good and you get so much in return for the amount of time you put in. The yoga-with-weights workout has many benefits and advantages over other exercise programs; we look at these advantages here and answer the question, "Why should I sacrifice my time for yoga with weights?"

Some people use lists to help them make the commitment to exercising. When you wake up in the morning, write down the tasks you want to complete during the day, and check off activities on the list as you complete them. This way, you can direct your attention to the task at hand instead of wasting energy and time remembering everything that you have to get done. Include a yoga-with-weights workout on your list to help you prioritize your activities and make room for a workout. You can fit your workout in your schedule, even if it means rearranging your other tasks. (See Chapter 19 for some more motivation to amp up your workout schedule.)

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