Letting Go of Cant Do It

More so than muscle fatigue, what keeps most people from yoga with weights is that broken record that each person has in his or her record collection, the one that says over and over and over again, "You can't do it." Exercising is hard in and of itself; attempting a new exercise program may be even harder.

^¡f Af The only way to push aside "I can't do it" is to use your head. When the old record starts playing, take notice and then focus on your breathing. Listen to the air slowly entering and slowly leaving your lungs. This technique helps quiet your mind and keeps the record from playing. It helps you immerse yourself in the exercises. (For more information on breathing during yoga-with-weights exercises, see Chapter 4.)

Resistance to exercising can come from many different places. Everyone can find excuses not to exercise. Everyone can think of things they'd rather do. We've discovered that the easiest way to break through old barriers that your mind has built up against exercise is to take the first step or the first yoga breath. After you get going, you discover that exercising isn't as hard as you thought it was. Let each exercise session act as a new beginning and a fresh start. Take it one breath at a time. Make that your objective. Personal power — your greatest potential — rests within. When you bring what's within out into the world, miracles happen. (See Chapter 19 for motivational tips for yoga with weights.)

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