Making the Mind and Body Connection

In This Chapter

^ Quieting and calming your mind

^ Concentrating on transitions between exercises and activities ^ Listening to your body as you exercise ^ Breaking the mind barriers to exercise ^ Focusing on the here and now

■X ou may not know it, but when you exercise, you have the potential to exercise with your mind as well as your body. And in yoga with weights, the mind plays a bigger part than it does in other exercise disciplines, because one of the goals of yoga with weights is to be self-aware and to develop your relationship with your consciousness in everything you do.

This chapter explores training your mind and some of the mental aspects of yoga with weights. You look into quieting and calming your mind, listening to your body as you exercise, and breaking the mental barriers that keep you from wanting to exercise. You also discover a mental visualization technique for focusing your mind and a special contract-and-release exercise for wringing all the tension from your body.

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