The Part of Tens

Part VI gives you, in handy list style, advice for staying motivated as you do yoga-with-weights exercises and for charting your progress. We also dispel ten myths about yoga with weights that may have previously prevented you from trying this exercise program.

But wait — there's more! Turn to the appendix at the end of the book to find yoga Web sites, the names of yoga magazines, and other stuff that helps you discover more about yoga and yoga with weights and get the equipment you need.

Icons Used in This Book

To help you get the most out of this book, we've placed icons here and there to steer you to important and helpful information. Here's what the icons mean.

Next to the Tip icon, you find tricks of the trade and helpful hints to make your yoga-with-weights workouts more enjoyable and productive. You also find suggestions about where to look for good equipment and good advice — which helps out your pocketbook and your peace of mind — and how to fit your workouts into your busy schedule.

Where you see the Warning icon, tread softly and carefully. It means we're giving you advice for avoiding injury or doing something that could harm you.

When we provide a juicy fact that bears remembering, we mark it with the Remember icon. When you see this icon, prick up your ears. You'll discover something that you need to remember throughout your adventures in yoga with weights.

We often offer a variation in an exercise — a little twist that makes the exercise either more challenging or a little easier. We mark these variations with the Alternative icon. When you see this icon, you discover a slightly different way to do the exercise. We're here for you in case you want to go the extra mile and, in the case of difficult exercises, when the exercise may be too hard for you.

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