Pumping You Up The Strengthening Workout

In This Chapter

^ Loosening and then tightening your body and mind ^ Building strength in your core

^ Improving your physical stability with balance and coordination eeping your body strong and your mind in-tune are the keys to well-W ▼ being. You have more energy. You're more capable of doing physical activities, and you can maintain your concentration longer. You can resist stress better. You can withstand the daily pressures you have to labor under. When you feel strong, you're more confident. It's much harder to rock the boat emotionally, and the choices you make in your life are more consistent with the quality of life you desire.

The exercises in this workout strengthen your muscles and provide you with a greater sense of physical and mental stability. They give you a greater sense of balance, which leads to an increase in confidence. By practicing these exercises and focusing on your breathing, you can create a renewed sense of confidence and strength within. We call this new strength stability — it's a resource that comes alive just when you need it. We encourage you to take the dive with a big smile and find out what's waiting for you on the other side.

The exercises in the Strengthening Workout are a little harder to do because they're designed to build strength. Don't push yourself too hard in the beginning. The first step takes you to the next, which takes you to the next, and so on. All you have to do is stay in the moment with each exercise. You need to work at your own level of ability. Take it slow and steady, maintaining your rhythmic deep breathing throughout this workout. If an exercise doesn't feel right, simply skip over it and go to the next exercise. As you build your strength, you'll eventually be able to do all the exercises in the Strengthening Workout with confidence and ease.



For the Strengthening Workout, you should take deep, slow Complete Breaths. Chapter 4 explains the Complete Breath and other breathing techniques.

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