Reap the Benefits of Proper Breathing

Most people don't breathe properly. They take shallow breaths, or they tend to hold their breath. Yoga with weights — by strengthening your chest and lungs and making you conscious of how you breathe — can show you how to breathe in such a way that you relax and get the proper amount of oxygen. (Chapter 4 looks into breathing in detail.)

If you stick with yoga with weights long enough, the moment will come when you understand just how valuable breathing properly is. Perhaps you'll come to a stoplight in traffic, and instead of sighing, you'll take a yogic breath. You'll feel relaxation flooding your body, and you'll be fully present like no time before. You'll start noticing the details in the world around you — and the world will look pretty nice.

Most people who study yoga have a mini-epiphany. When you discover the value of proper breathing, consider it a benchmark moment. You'll know you're making great progress in your yoga-with-weights exercise program.

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