Releasing Your Athlete Within The Endurance Workout

In This Chapter

^ Developing a sustained ability to focus and concentrate ^ Building your body strength

^ Fighting through fatigue to cleanse mind and body hen most people think of endurance, they think about being able to go ▼ ▼ beyond physical limitations or overcoming fatigue. This workout provides exercises and mindfulness practices to help you develop not only your physical strength, but also your mental will to keep going when the going gets tough. Each time you practice these exercises, you develop a little more stamina to endure in a healthy, mindful way.

We believe that the ability to concentrate and focus is an essential part of endurance, so we include exercises in this workout designed to help you concentrate and focus. Sometimes, endurance is simply a matter of putting aside the large and small distractions so you can focus on the task at hand. Other times, endurance is a matter of talking to yourself — of conducting an inner dialogue so you can push ahead through the distractions. When you communicate with yourself, you can remove the obstacles that may be standing in your way. You can walk the forward path in life with an ease that will amaze you.

Using the mind and body techniques in Chapter 5 along with the exercises in this chapter, you can develop the strength and endurance to go the extra mile. You'll discover how to access the power of concentration and inner resilience to meet your mental and physical demands. Endurance training is an opportunity to train your mind while strengthening your body.

Depending on your level of need and how hard you want to train, we recommend doing the Endurance Workout twice a week. If you're training for a triathlon or other grueling sport, work out three times a week, and alternate on other days with the Strengthening Workout we present in Chapter 10.

Use Ocean Breaths for the Endurance Workout (see Chapter 4) if you want a powerful workout; if you're a beginner, you may want to start with Complete Breaths.

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