Sit downward slightly and lift your left leg and cross it over your right thigh calf and ankle see Figure a

This is the starting position. You're in the classic yoga eagle pose. Challenging, isn't it? Here are some tips to get into and stay in this pose:

• Pull your tailbone gently down toward the floor and slightly forward.

• Bend your right leg at the same time as you sit downward.

• Put one knee directly in front of the other, draping it over the top of the supporting knee.

• Point your toes down and back toward the calf of your bent leg.

• Squeeze your inner thighs together.

Feel your spine gently stretching and lengthening. Make sure that you're looking straight ahead, your shoulders are squared, and your elbows are slightly bent.

^S^Wlip If you can't get into this difficult pose, don't wrap your leg all the way around. Take your leg halfway around, or simply cross your legs. You r^VA ) can also put your left toe down on the other side of your right foot. This way, you can take the toe off the floor to check your balance without too much effort.

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