Standing quad stretcher

Strap on your ankle weights for the following exercise. When you're ready, follow these steps:

1. Stand behind a chair, holding the top of the chair with your left hand.

This is the starting position.

We highly recommend that you put the chair against a wall, or else it could slide during the exercise, and you may slide to the ground with it. Don't follow the model's lead in Figure 14-8; she's a daredevil.

2. Bend your right knee and grasp your right foot with your right hand, bringing your heel as close to your buttocks as you comfortably can (see Figure 14-8).

For a deeper stretch, use your left hand to hold your right foot. Remember to engage your belly muscles; doing so helps support your back.

3. Hold this pose for four breaths, and then lower your leg to the starting position (see Step 1).

As you inhale and exhale, concentrate on your quad muscles loosening. Repeat this exercise with your left leg.

Figure 14-8:

Stretching and strengthening your quads improves the performance of yourlegs from hips to toes.

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