Transitioning between exercises

What you do between yoga-with-weights exercises is nearly as important as the exercises themselves. The object is to create effortless, flowing, graceful transitions between exercises, with as little excess movement as possible. The entire yoga philosophy is not about abrupt stops and starts, but going seamlessly from one exercise to the next. Done correctly, your workout feels as if it was choreographed, because you pass so gracefully from exercise to exercise. Experiment and tinker with the exercise sequence in your workout until you get it just right. Keep in mind that the breathing serves as the bridge, creating the seamless transitions, and moves you from one action to the next.

By paying attention to transitions as well as exercises, you can carry vitality, strength, and endurance from one exercise to the next. With enough attention to transitions, you can turn your yoga-with-weights workout into a seamless flow with all the postures connected through balance and breath.

In their daily lives, yoga masters attempt to take this smooth transition notion a step further. They try to make all transitions in their lives — transitions from one activity to the next and even from one thought to the next — pass smoothly and gracefully. Yoga is a quality of consciousness, a quality of breath awareness that you can carry with you in your daily life as well as in your yoga-with-weights workouts.

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