Use a Training Diary

A training diary helps you track your exercise progress. If you put a mark on your calendar whenever you finish a yoga-with-weights workout, you know right away how often you work out.

Sherri has a client who keeps a calendar in the room where she works out. This client proudly shows Sherri each week how many times she's worked out and what kinds of workouts she has done. Her diary gives her a real sense of accomplishment.

Training diaries have now entered the digital age. You can download training diaries from the Internet. Online diaries allow you to track the different exercises you do in a workout and generate graphs and charts that show how often and how intensively you work out. Some of the digital training diaries even work on hand-held computers.

Go to ( to read about digital training diaries and to download trial versions of the programs (enter Training Diaries in the search box). The following are the leading digital diaries:

^ The Athlete's Diary: Keep track of your fitness activities. (www.

^ BYOB-Lite: BYOB stands for "build your own body," not "bring your own bottle." (

^ Exercise Diary: A "fitness-tracking" software. (

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