Warming Up and Cooling Down

In This Chapter

^ Looking at the benefits of warming up ^ Walking as a prelude to working out ^ Doing the yoga-with-weights warm-up exercises ^ Discovering how to meditate ^ Using meditation to cool down after your workout

7his chapter focuses on warming up to get ready for a yoga-with-weights workout and cooling down when your workout is over. We show you the benefits of warming up, and you discover why simple activities such as walking can be such great warm-up techniques. And when you finish warming up and complete your yoga-with-weights workout, we show you how to pull all the elements of your exercise practice into a final meditation that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Don't let the word "meditation" intimidate you; it isn't as complicated as most people think. Meditation is the finishing touch, the icing on your workout cake — the part of the workout that serves as a peaceful and calming transition to the rest of your day.

Lessons in Raja Yoga

Lessons in Raja Yoga

An easy to understand book on the principles and practices of Raja-Yoga alike. It teaches the eight steps

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