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This book doesn't require a start-to-finish read. However, before you attempt any workouts, we recommend that you check out Chapter 4, which explains yoga-with-weights breathing; you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover how healthy and vital yoga-with-weights breathing makes you feel. We also recommend you check out Chapter 6 about warming up, which all fitness experts agree you should do before exercising.

Other than that, feel free to jump in where the jumping looks best. Think you're ready for your first yoga-with-weights workout? Go to Chapter 7 without passing Go and without collecting $200. Do you need some background information before you undertake yoga with weights? Go to Chapter 1, which introduces this new type of yoga.

Do you have a health goal in mind? Whatever your health goals are, you can find a yoga-with-weights workout in this book to help you on the road to good health. Here are some common health goals and where you should turn in this book to meet those goals:

l Lose weight. Who doesn't want to lose a few pounds? See Chapter 11, the Endurance Workout, and Chapter 12, the Belly-Burner Workout.

l Get stronger. To increase your body strength, try the exercises in Chapter 10, the Strengthening Workout, and Chapter 11, the Endurance Workout.

l Reduce stress. Stress is the silent, slow-acting culprit behind many ailments. To reduce stress, do the exercises in Chapter 7, the Balanced Workout, and Chapter 9, the Restorative Workout.

l Stay young. Yoga has a well-deserved reputation for making people look and feel younger. See Chapter 7, the Balanced Workout; Chapter 9, the Restorative Workout; and Chapter 11, the Endurance Workout.

l Increase stamina. To give yourself more staying power, see Chapter 11, the Endurance Workout.

l Sleep better. If your aim is to get a better night's sleep, check out Chapter 4, breathing techniques; Chapter 7, the Balanced Workout; and Chapter 9, the Restorative Workout.

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