Youre really out of shape

Out of shape? Who? You? Well, you're not the only one who's out of shape. Life just starts doing its thing with us and pretty soon we fall out of shape. We're sure you've been told before that staying in shape takes consistency and a life-long commitment. All you have to do is put in the effort and you soon reap the rewards.

If you're very out of shape, start slow. Go to Chapter 6 and start with the gentle walking and breathing exercises. Try to observe a daily walking program of 20 to 45 minutes to get the ball rolling. When you build your confidence, go to Chapter 7 and start doing the Balanced Workout. You may also want to check out Chapter 18, which offers low-impact exercises designed for seniors.

Busy moms, CEOs, and other dynamic people we know use this technique to find time to exercise: They schedule the time. Knowing how easy it is not to exercise, they enter their yoga classes on their calendars and plan their time around yoga. They make a commitment in writing to show up. The classes are on their calendars and they have to go no matter what. (Chapter 19 provides you with some tips for staying motivated to work out.)

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