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Lying prom, join your thumbs and bio toes; exhaling quickly with HA, push your buttocks (down), arch your torso and press your feet on the ┬┐round bv your sides; apply a contracted hold for a cycle and a half lib a

Starting Position

0. Sir on vour heels with your hands on jour knees.

Initial Phase

1. Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head and open vour chest.

2< Exhaling in four counts, lie prone with your forehead on the ground and extend your arms by your sides. Central Phase

Inhaling m four counts, extending your arms back and bending your legs, grasp the sides ot your feet, joining your thumbs and big toes.

4. Exhaling quickly in two counts by emitting an aspirated HA, push your buttocks down, arch the back of your head and torso, and pressing your feet on the ground by your sides, open your elbows.

5. Applying an empty contracted hold258 for six counts, draw in your sides and compress your abdomen against your spine, and remain in til is pose like a frog.

Final Phase

6. Inhaling in iour counts, sit on your heels and extend your arms over your head.

/. Exhaling in four counts, bend forward lowering your forehead and arms to the ground in front of you.

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