Basic Movement

Bend your left (foot) and rest it on your right (thigh), wrap your right arm around the front of your right knee and (then) behind you; with your left hand) grasp (your right hand) at the wrist. In this way twist to the ¡eft like a curved knife,165 applying a directed hold. (Then do it on the)

other side.

Starting Position

0. Sit with vour legs extended forward and your hands on your knees.

Initial Phase

1. Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head.

2. Exhaling in four counts, bend your left leg and with your left hand pull your left foot to die right side of your groin, then bend your ri^ht leg bringing the heel to your secret place, rest your right arinpit on your right knee, and clenching your hand in a fist, wrap your right arm around the outside of your right leg, bringing it behind your back.

Central Phase

3. Inhaling in four counts, raise your left arm thoroughly extending your torso, then wrap your arm behind your back from the left and grasp your right wrist.

4. Applying a directed hold for four counts, twist your torso and face to the left, assuming the shape of a curved knife.

5. Exhaling in two counts, extend your right leg forward and twist your rorso to the right; remaining empty for two counts, place your hands on the ground by your right side.

Final Phase

6. Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head and your legs forward.

7. Exhaling in four counts, bring your fingers to your toes and your forehead to your knees.

Then do the movement on the other side.

Yantra Yoga

Brtathirtg Cycle \ Slur Inhalation

Initial Phaser

Brtathirtg Cycle \ Slur Inhalation

Dieted Hold

Quick l£jhjbbnn+ Slovfc'Uxhabrion : l:mpf>. HolJ

Cl n"1 ral phaa

flnal PhASI;

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