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The third section comprises three parts: the dedication of merit, the colophon and the name of the author.

Dedication of Merit

By this merit may all beings free themselves of illusory thoughts, emotions and karma and attain the primordial land of Samantabhadra where self-

arisen wisdom always shines.

All the virtues and merit accumulated thanks to having written this text on yoga and having transmitted it to fortunate students arc dedicated to all beings infinite as space, impartially and with the threefold purity of absence of the one who dedicates, the object of dedic ation and its receiver. ! hanks to this power, may all beings be completely freed from the net of dualism, from karma, from the emotions and illusory thoughts and attain or realize the total and originally pure dimension of Samantabhadra, one's own state of instant presence in which self-arisen wisdom always shines. This is expressed in the dedication.


Thus ends the upadesa called "The Union of the Sun and Moon Yantra" orally transmitted by the great Acarya Hutnhdra and by the great Vtdyädhä ra Padmasambhava.

Thus ends the profound secret method of Yantra of the vajra body called Thr Union of the Sun and Moon taught by the great realized master Hümkära and by Padmasambhava, the Vidyadhara from Oddiyäna.^8

The Name of the Author

This was written by the Acarya Vairocana and transmitted to Yudra Ny ingpo.

This teaching was put in writing by the great master Vairocana, expert in all the fields of knowledge and endowed with the highest realization, and transmitted to his foremost disciple, Yudra Nyingpo.

Thus ends the root text of Yantra, one of the three texts of the series of practices of the channels, the prdna and the yantras belonging to the profound oral transmission of Vairocana. Virtue!

Mven though the methods of the channels, the prdna and the ymto*

known as yoga Arc numerous as the constellations in the sky, It is difficult to find in this world a yoga

That can equal The Union oj the Sun and Moon of the oral transmis sion or vairocana.

Unable to bear the idea that the rays of the instructions of the lineage masters

Might disappear behind the mountain to the west,

For the benefit of those who in the future will uphold the transmission of the masters

I have toiled to produce this stainless mirror of iewcls.

May the dawn of merit and virtuous actions

Vanquish all the darkness of this degenerate age

And give birth to perfect happiness and prosperity

Spreading like beneficial light in all directions and all times.

This commentary to the root text on Yantra belonging to the series of the oral transmission of Vairocana was written by the Dzogchenpa Namkhai Norbu. born in Kham in East Tibet, on the basis of numerous notes taken after having received the oral instructions from Togden UgycnTcndzin and Gyalse Gyurmed Gyaltsen, and finished in Naples in South Italy on the eighth day of the fourth month of the Fire-Dragon year, two thousand five hundred and twenty years after the parinirvana of the Buddha (1976), in the sixteenth Tibetan astrological cycle. Virtue!

On the fifteenth day of the twelfth month of the Metal-Female-Sheep year (1992) I added to the original commentary many quotations from The Overcoming of Obstacles and the Benefits oj The Union of the Sun and Moon Yantra, thereby definitively completing the commentary.

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, one who travels around the world.

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Yoga For Beginners

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