The first of the five series, called Tmyi KamAi or Tlie Four


127 coniprises a nrdnaxdma and five \wiiras.

The Pranayama

For the prdndydma there are three aspects ro be applied: the posture, the concentration, and the breathing method.

I. Posture

Sit in the seven-point Vairocana posture, as previously explained.

Concentrate undisrractedly on the four characteristic conditions of the breath.

96 The Four Characteristic Conditions

III. Br bathing Method

Inhale the atr indirectly through the right (nostril) and apply gradually, then all together, the four characteristic conditions of open hold, directed hold, closed hold and contracted held. Then exhale slowly through the left (nostril). Train in this diligently.

* Close your left nostril with your left thumb and inh.ile the air in the rough' manner, forcefully and indirectly, through your right nostril.

1. Press your chin to your neck and place your fists at the base of your thighs12^ while applying an open hold.

2. Open your shoulders, straighten your arms and tighten your sides and abdomen well while directing the air downward.'

3. Block the upper air and forcefully hold it below the navel in closed hold.131

4. Strongly tighten your abdomen and forcefully contract it towards your spine.132

Initially, these four characteristic conditions of the breath should be practiced gradually one at a time, but after some training, they can be applied together in a single breathing cycle.133

• At the end. exhale slowly in a relaxed way through the left nostril.11

Train diligently in this pranayama. Since the positions of their solar and lunar channels are reversed, women must practice this pranayama the other way around, that is, inhaling through the left nostril.135

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