Exhaling Quickly

Exhaling Quickly; kneeling, bend and press with folded arms.

Starting Position

0. Sir with vour legs extended forward and your hands on your knees.

Initial Phase

1. Inhaling in two counts, cross your arms as in the 'slow inhalation exercise and kneel with your toes pointing to the ground.

2. Exhaling in two counts, place the tops of your feet on the ground sitting on the heels and bend your torso forward.

Central Phase

3. Inhaling slowly in four counts, raise your crossed arms to shoulder height and straighten your sides and torso, rising up onto your knees.

4. Holding open for two counts, stretch your crossed arms downward and push them towards the navel.54

5. Exhaling quickly and forcefully in two counts, press the crossed arms into your abdomen and, keeping your back straight without taking your buttocks off your heels, bend down until your forehead touches the ground/5

Final Phase

6. Inhaling in two counts, raise your arms extending them over your head, get up onto your knees with your toes pointing to the ground, straightening your sides and torso.

7. Exhaling in two counts, lower your arms to your sides placing the top of the feet on the ground and sitting on your heels. At this point,

1. Inhaling again in two counts, cross the arms and rise up onto your knees with your roes pointing to the ground, straighten the sides and torso.

2. Exhaling in two counts, bend the torso forward and place the top of the feet on the ground, then proceed with the exercise as before, repeating it three or seven times.


The Overcoming of Obstacles says:

Exhaling Quickly eliminates ailmnents of the full and the hollow


organs, of the ligaments and jointsf and problems of the pervasive and downwa rd-clca ring prdnas.Sb

As stated, tliis yantra tonifies the five full and six hollow organs and serves to overcome problems caused by their malfunctioning. Furthermore, it helps to overcome ailments of the tendons and ligaments, and of" the major and minor joints. In particular, it heals problems of the Wind humor87 which manifest in the areas governed by the pervasive and the downward-clearing prdnas.

Breathim CyrU

Quick Iiih.tl.ition

slow InluLition

Ojvti Holtf

Qitick Kilwbtion

Initial Phask


_ —

1 ----

ginfrai. pliam


__ -- M


J'inai Phase

_ 2

■—— ■—— ___.

2 1

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