Exhaling Slowly

Exhaling Slowly: bring the fat below the navel.

Starting Position

0. Sit with vour lees extended forward and votir hands on your knees.

Initial Phase

1. Inhaling in two counts, raise your arms straight over your head, opening the chest and crossing your legs with the left thigh over the right one.

2. Exhaling in two counts, extend your arms backwards and bend forward with your back straight.

Central Phase

3. Inhaling in two counts, grasp your right arm with the left hand above the inside of the elbow and close your right hand in the 'vajra list ', opening and pushing the chest forward.

4. Directing the air downward for two counts, bring your fist below vour navel.102

5. Exhaling slowly in four counts, bend forward with your back straight, bringing vour forehead down to the ground by your left side.103

Final Phase

6. Inhal ing in two counts, extend your arms over your head and your legs forward.

7. Exhaling in two counts, bring your fingers to your toes and your forehead to your knees.

I hen do the movement on the other side, that is, bending to the right.


The Overcoming oj Obstacles says:

Exhaling Slowly balances the elements, strengthens the full and the hollow organs and eliminates problems related to the fire-accompanying and downward-clearing prdnas.liH

As stated, this yantm balances and harmonizes the functions of the five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) in the body, tonifies and helps to overcome ailments of the five full and the six hollow organs, and clim-in.ites problems of the fire-accompanying and downward-clearing prams.

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Initial Phasi Ci ntrai Phasi I' in m Pu asi

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