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I.earn the benefits of Yantra through application and understand the rest from the tantras and the upadesas. As the ultimate method of the Essence of the Magical Manifestation, apply the self-perfected Dzogpa Chenpo!

The benefits and profound qualities of Yantra Yoga, that combines together the specific points of position, concentration and breathing, must be discovered through active and concrete practice of the specific methods themselves. Moreover, infinite profound and exhaustive upadesas (secret instructions) on the channels, prdna and thigle tied to these methods can be learned by reading the texts pertaining to the series ot Higher Tantras. Since the final aim and the conclusion of the methods of the Essence of the Magical Manifestation,^7 pinnacle of all the series ol Higher Tantras, is the state of sclf-pcrfection of Dzogchen, may the fortunate apply and experience the natural state of Dzogpa Chenpo: this is the advice that the great master Yairocana gives to his foremost disciple Yudra Nyingpo and his other disciples.

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