For progressing extend yourfirearmsforward arch your legs backwardi and push your abdomen out This is the series for the closed


Starting Position

0. As in the basic movement. (Sit on your heels with your hands on your knees.)

Initial Phase

1. As in the basic movement. (Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head.)

2. Exhaling in four counts, lower your forhead to the ground extending your arms with palms turned upward straight backward on the ┬┐round.

Central Phase

3. Inhaling in two counts, raise your legs and torso placing the weight of your body on the part of your head just above the forehead and on your arms.

4. Holding closed as long as you can. arch your joined legs and strongly push chest, abdomen and sides forward.

5. As in the basic movement. (Exhaling in four counts, slowly lower your legs and bring your knees and toes to the ground.)

Final Phase

6. As in the basic movement. (Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head and straighten your torso.)

7. As m trie basic movement. (Exhaling in four counts, sir on your heels with the tops of your feet on the ground and bend, lowering your forehead and arms forward to the ground.)

TThb Rough Breathing with Six Applications

This is the series of wim^s for applying the closed hold, each yantra with seven phases of breathing.

b1 n i ims

-r-t he (Xrruviiify of C obstacles says:

lb SwrJ Pose makes the mtnd clear and heals ailments of the nerves of

the sense organs and of the brain; it balances the pranas of the five elements; 11 restores the butnors and constituents. I he same holds true for the movements for training and for progressing.2^

As stated, these y.imras enhance the intellectual faculties bringing greater mental lucidity, they heal problems of the nerves connected with the five sense oi' when their functioning has been impaired, and related ailments of the brain; they restore balance to the pratnis of the five elements and reinforce and foster the correct functioning of the three humors -

Wind. Bile and Phlegm - and of the various constituents of the organ:__257


The fourth triad of yantras, The Froc. Pose, is for applying the contracted hold.

312 The Rough Breathing with^Six Applications

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